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In Debaj Tobacco Factory processor where many flavors such as apples, grapes and mint shisha molasses are manufactured, you will find us very experienced in this field. Debaj tobacco factory sits on the throne of most factories around the world in terms of expertise in the field of Molasses manufacturing. The company started in 2012 and now has more than 20 years of experience, we are alone in production of some very important flavors such as grape and Bahraini along with many others that are of great importance to Molasses market. Debaj Tobacco Factory started in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain in October of 2012 with the completion of construction. In September 2013 we introduced our products to the world of marketing in 2013-2014 season and since then, we have progressed at an accelerated pace to become one of the leaders among the oldest plants in the world. Our customers are guaranteed a high quality product on par with the best companies all over the world. Debaj Tobacco Factory has a strong management with rapid development which are set to give us an advantage over the competition and offer good investment opportunities that generate a higher return on investment in the industry whether local or international….

Our Mission

Our mission at Debaj Molasses Company, is to attract the market and consumers with our new and exotic flavors. We have over a hundred flavors available in our flavor catalog.

Debaj Molasses Factory embarked on the journey of excellence in producing the finest types of molasses with only fifteen flavors. Over time, the company has evolved in this field, diversifying its flavors and reaching over a hundred flavors.

This diversity in flavors, coupled with our skilled craftsmanship and accumulated expertise in producing the finest types of molasses, as well as our use of cutting-edge technologies and modern devices, has given us a competitive edge both locally and internationally in terms of marketing, presentation to consumers, and demand.

Furthermore, the variety of flavors produced by Molasses Company provides our partners with a wider range of options compared to other companies in all markets.

Debaj Molasses Factory is in a constant state of updating and continuous development. We have more premium flavors currently in the development and production phase, which will be introduced to the market in the near future.

more flavors in development and production phases which will appear in the market in future.

Our Vision

Debaj Molasses is a leading company in the production of the finest and highest quality molasses flavors with distinctive and authentic tastes. At Debaj Molasses Company, we aspire to reign over the kingdom of luxury hookahs, offering exceptional and unique experiences.

We keen to provide high-quality products with international standards and a variety of original flavors that satisfy the consumers’ preferences. Debaj Molasses aims for continuous growth while meeting the demands of both the local and international markets. As we aim for leadership in the molasses industry, we have developed a timeline to achieve this plan and turn it into a reality. This timeline is based on research and extensive market studies conducted in various countries and continents, taking into account the desires of the consumers as well.

Debaj Molasses aims to establish a strong and well-known presence in all countries, making the name of Debaj Molasses shine brightly and leave a lasting impression in the pride of the molasses industry with its finest varieties.

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