How to clean the hookah device before using it

How to clean the hookah device before using it

The hookah device is the device through which the hookah is smoked and enjoys the best flavors of the hookah molasses, to ensure high smoking quality and pleasant hookah sessions. The shisha device must be washed before you start using it, so as to ensure the best flavor of the molasses, and its most enjoyable smoking experience aimed at. In this article we will bring up the topic of washing the shisha device before it is first used, the importance of cleaning it, and the way to clean the hookah device, through the following main points:

  • Method of cleaning hookah before first use
  • The importance of cleaning shisha before the first time
  • Important Tips Before First Use of Hookah
  • Results of neglect of shisha cleaning

Method of cleaning hookah before first use

It is important to thoroughly clean the shisha before you use it for the first time so as to ensure safe smoking and a good and satisfying experience, we offer you the most important steps to clean the shisha:

  • Disconnect the shisha parts:

 You have to disassemble the shisha parts before you start cleaning them, by unwinding the glass base, the head of the shisha, the neck of the hookah, and another part

  • Washing with lukewarm water:

 Wash the parts of the new hookah device with lukewarm water, using a soft brush to clean the inner bottle and tubes, during the rinsing process make sure to remove any dust or even chemicals deposited after the device has passed the manufacturing process.

  • Base cleaning:

Wash the base thoroughly before using it, and use a soft brush or long brush that enables you to reach difficult places.

  • Drying:

 After washing the shisha parts thoroughly, dry them thoroughly by placing them on a completely clean towel.

  • Inspect and assemble parts:

 check the shisha parts to make sure they are completely dry and free from impurities or plankton that will affect the quality of smoking, then assemble and install the parts.

  • Use clean water:

Add clean, impurities-free water to the base of the hookah.

The importance of cleaning shisha before the first time

Cleaning the hookah before you start using it is an important step to ensure the best flavor for the molasses and the best smoking experience. Here are some things that illustrate the importance of cleaning the hookah:

  • Health and Safety:

Washing a shisha before the first use is considered a guarantee of health as the hookah device can contain residue or deposits from the manufacturing process such as wax, dust, and oil. These substances pose a risk to health if smoked, so these substances must be eliminated through washing.

  • Flavor Quality:

The remains and sediments after the manufacturing process of the hookah device, in addition to dust and dirt, are considered an important matter that must be eliminated because they negatively affect the flavor of the molasses while smoking the hookah, and they also constitute an annoying element when smoking shisha.

  • Hookah durability:

Cleaning the shisha before using it helps make it the best hookah possible so that it keeps the quality of its parts and prevents them from eroding.

  • Shisha aesthetic appearance:

 Clean shisha looks the most beautiful and attractive view, as in turn gives the best possible molasses flavor

  • Satisfactory experience:

When you clean your shisha before using it, you will get the best smoking shisha, the best molasses flavor, which is reflected in satisfaction with your hookah smoking experience.

Important Tips Before First Use of Hookah

There are some tips that benefit you before you first use the hookah device, including:

  • Hookah inspection:

 You have to make sure the parts of the hookah device are intact and undamaged, and you have to make sure there are all the parts of the hookah device that come with it.

  • Cleansing the shisha:

Clean the hookah before using it well which reflects positively on smoking shisha, so that dirt and dust are removed ensuring the best molasses flavor and the best smoking quality.

  • Using natural charcoal:

 Using natural charcoal is an important difference when smoking shisha so it is recommended to use it and avoid using coal-containing chemicals. Charcoal should be well lit so that you need to make sure that the pieces of coal are flooded with flames, and then wait a little to be submerged in ash so that you can put them on the head of the shisha to get the best molasses and the finest smoking.

  • Heating the hookah:

For the best molasses and the best flavor, warm the hookah by placing the coal on the shisha bowl and then wait a little before you start using the armchair.

  • Caution:

Drag on the hookah gradually, avoiding excessive clouds and large clouds, as it is recommended to start with small clouds before increasing smoking power, and also advised to take a breath or comfort between clouds to ensure the best molasses flavor and pleasure smoking experience

  • Temperature control:

There are shisha devices that enable you to control their temperature so make sure to set it to a suitable temperature, and there are devices that don’t enable you, in these devices you have to control the temperature through the coal, and you put a proper amount of coal on the head of the shisha, to ensure the best molasses flavor.

  • Clean water:

 First, use clean water to pack the base of the shisha device, then make sure the water level you have packaged is appropriate.

Results of neglect of shisha cleaning

There are a lot of problems caused by neglecting to clean shisha for the first time, both on health and on smoking experience. These results include:

  • Deterioration of flavor:

When sediment is smoked stuck in the hookah system, it adversely affects the smoking experience, degrades the flavor of the hookah, and smoking the hookah becomes less pleasant and better.

  • Effect on health:

 Sediments stuck in shisha may turn into harmful substances, and when smoked they lead to some health problems such as smoking allergies or pulmonary infections.

  • Parts damage:

Failure to clean the shisha may damage some of its parts and may result in some parts being replaced.

  • Poor performance:

 The dust accumulated in the hookah pipes and their nozzles may constitute an impediment to airflow and smoke filtering. This loses you the best honeycomb flavor you are looking for and ignores the unsatisfactory smoking experience.

In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of washing the shisha device before the first use, in order to maintain health and to get the best molasses flavor and the best smoking experience possible.

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