How to produce a large cloud of smoke

How to produce a large cloud of smoke

Smoking the hookah has become popular around the world. The great cloud of smoke and distinctive flavor are the most important factors that make shisha sessions fun and satisfying. The ability to control the amount and flavor of rising smoke requires a deep understanding of the smoking process and appropriate techniques to achieve the best results.

In this article, we will explore a range of tips and techniques that enable the user to control the hookah sessions so that they are satisfying and distinctive, enjoying a large cloud of smoke and amazing flavor. Then we will be exposed to the importance of choosing the right high-quality and coal hookah and how to properly equip the hookah. We will also address the importance of correct ventilation and how to pull in a way that enhances the smoking experience. This article will be a comprehensive guide for smokers seeking to improve their experience with hookah and get the most out of it. The following important points will be discussed:

  • The most important factors contributing to the production of a large cloud of smoke
  • The importance of proper ventilation of the hookah
  • 5 feasible ways to produce a thick cloud of smoke
  • The most important types of coal used and their impact on the quality of the hookah

The most important factors helping to produce a large smoke cloud

Having a large cloud of smoke and a distinctive flavor of hookah requires a range of methods and techniques. Here are some tips to develop your smoking experience and get big clouds and improved flavor that will satisfy your taste:

  • Choose the right shisha:

 Choose the hookah device so that it is high quality and reliable. It is preferable to use a hookah that allows ventilation and airflow adjustment as well, for large clouds.

  • Use appropriate types of coal:

Choose high-quality natural coal, and avoid using fast-ignition coal, as the quality of coal used greatly affects large smoke clouds and the quality of the hookah as well.

  • Prepare the hookah well:

equip the hookah with the molasses and coal in a uniform and appropriate manner for an equal distribution of heat and to avoid over-ventilation.

  • Correct ventilation:

 Make sure that the ventilation holes in the hookah are appropriately open and avoid filling them with molasses. Good ventilation allows the largest flow of smoke and thus acquires larger zippers.

  • Drag slowly:

Slowly and continuously pull the flavor on the hookah to get large clouds of smoke, then keep the smoke for a while before you take it out.

  • Use a little cold water:

A little cold water can be added to the bottom of the hookah as a good trick with the aim of cooling the smoke and improving the flavor required

  • Regular maintenance:

Cleaning and maintaining the hookah device regularly and periodically helps to maintain the best performance of the hookah and also to obtain the best flavor.

  • Use high-quality molasses:

choose high-quality molasses with a distinct flavor to improve the smoking experience. The type of molasses used makes a big difference and a clear imprint on the quality of the hookah sessions.

The Importance of Correct Ventilation of the Hookah

The correct ventilation of the hookah is an essential element for safe smoking and a fun shisha. We will explain the importance of the correct ventilation of the hookah at the most important points:

  • Smoke cooling:

 The correct ventilation of the shisha allows cold air to enter the hookah and interfere with hot smoke from burning coal and molasses. This contributes to the cooling of smoke before it reaches the mouth and lungs, reducing the negative probability and accidents caused by extreme heat and making smoking hookah more comfortable and safer.

  • Reduction of oxidation:

Good ventilation of the hookah reduces oxidation caused by the combustion of coal and molasses. When there is a way for fresh air to enter the shisha, this reduces the excess amount of oxygen that smoke gets and thus reduces oxidation and harmful substances that form.

  • Improved flavor:

Good ventilation allows for the improvement of the flavor of the molasses and prevents external effects that adversely affect it. When the air passes through the molasses, it carries good flavor and smells, enhancing the smoking experience and making it deeper in taste details.

  • Easy to pull:

Having enough ventilation in the hookah facilitates the pull process and makes it softer. This means that the user can easily control the amount of smoke inhaled, which is desirable to improve the quality of the hookah.

  • Safety:

 Good ventilation is an important factor in reducing the risk of smoking. Reducing heat and reducing oxidation reduces the likelihood of toxic and harmful substances forming that may adversely affect health.

5 feasible ways to produce a dense smoke cloud

Pulling on the hookah correctly is a good trick that will enhance the flavor of the molasses and contribute to the production of a large smoke cloud. Here are a few tips to pull in such a way as to make the smoking experience more enjoyable:

  • Good prep:

 Make sure the hookah is well equipped and the molasses is added in an identical and equal way within the bowl.

  • Drag slowly and evenly:

 Start the drag process slowly and recreationally, then watch how the air affects coal and molasses. Make the clouds regular and evenly so as to avoid cutting and distorting or affecting the flavor of the molasses.

  • Smoke retention:

Once you try a large cloud you will like it very much, and to do so keep smoke in your mouth for a while before you take it out. This allows the flavor to spread best and enhances the flavor of the molasses which makes the hookah sessions more charming.

  • Experience many types of coal:

 You may need to try different types of coal to determine the right type for your hookah and more compatible with your personal taste, and with the molasses flavor you love. Some types of coal may produce larger clouds and enhance the flavor experience.

  • Relax and enjoy:

 Follow ways that give you the most relaxation and pleasure while smoking. Hookah smoking sessions should be one of the most enjoyable and relaxed moments to enjoy large flavors and clouds.

There are also many factors that affect the amount of smoke rising from smoking the hookah, including correct ventilation and regular cleaning of the hookah.

The Importance of Using High Quality Hookah

Dear user, you may be wondering whether the quality of your hookah device is important or does it make a difference in the quality of the hookah.

Of course, your choice of high-quality hookah machine, and the use of suitable coal quality is critical to achieving a fun and safe hookah session. Here are the main reasons why the hookah is an important element:

  • Smoking Quality:

The quality of the hookah used and the selected fine coal directly affects the flavor and quality of the hookah. A high-quality hookah device allows air to flow better and distributes heat evenly, helping to produce large clouds of smoke and distinctive flavor.

  • Safety:

The high-quality shisha device has many advantages, the most important of which is to maintain the user’s security and safety. The substrate is manufactured to high standards and checked to ensure there are no problems affecting the user’s safety.

  • Temperature control:

A high-quality hookah device allows easy adjustment of coal temperature, allowing the user to adjust the heat and control the quantity and flavor of smoke.

  • Endurance and durability:

High-quality devices are usually more durable and endure as long as possible. This means you will not need to replace the hookah with another repeatedly and will continue to work effectively for a long time.

  • Coal flavor:

 Your choice of suitable coal enhances the hookah experience with a luxurious taste, free from odors and annoying taste. High-quality coal gives room for the molasses to roast well, making the flavor more integrated and exciting.

 The most important types of coal used and its impact on the quality of the hookah

The types of coal used for smoking are multiple, including wood coal and charcoal (coconut peels). Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that can affect the smoking experience. Here’s a brief explanation of each type:

  • Wood Coal:


Pure wooden coal is one of the oldest types of coal used in smoking the hookah. It is known for its great ability to generate high heat, helping to produce large and dense clouds of smoke.


Wooden coal can be difficult to ignite and requires a longer time to fully ignite. Some types of wood coal also contain impurities or dirt that negatively affect smoking quality. Wood coal may produce smoke and smell more compared to coconut peel coal.

  • Coconut peel coal:


Coconut peel coal is produced from recycled coconut peels, making it a more eco-friendly option. It contains the lowest proportion of deposits and dirt compared to wood coal, which means cleaner smoking. Also, one of the most important advantages of coconut shell coal is that it burns quickly and easily, reaching high temperatures quickly.


Some types of coconut shell charcoal may contain additives such as ammonia, which affects the taste of the molasses. Coconut peel charcoal may not retain heat for long compared to wood charcoal. Moreover, it is more expensive compared to some types of wood coal.

The choice between wood charcoal and coconut peel charcoal depends on the user’s preferences and what suits his experience and personal taste. It is always preferable to buy high-quality charcoal from reliable sources in order to ensure its quality and safety while smoking. We also recommend trying different types to find out what kind suits your personal taste and contributes to improving your experience.

In the conclusion of this article, we hope that you have benefited from the tips and secrets that we have presented to you to control your smoking and blowing and get a large cloud of smoke and distinct flavor while smoking a hookah. By following these tips, you can turn an ordinary hookah session into an enjoyable and satisfying experience. We also recommend you use the luxurious Debaj molasses with original and concentrated flavors, which are available in different flavors to suit all tastes. We also offer Debaj premium molasses in different weights and sizes that perfectly suit all your needs at all times and places. Order Debaj Molasses now, and sail into a world of magic, fun, and excitement

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