Learn how to enjoy your shisha in an oriental way.

Learn how to enjoy your shisha in an oriental way.


Shisha or hookah is one of the many things that represent oriental societies. with its welcoming atmosphere, shisha is an important part of family gatherings, festivals and happy occasions. That’s why we are teaching you in this article how to enjoy your shisha in an oriental way. 

  • Professional steps to prepare shisha
  • The importance of cleaning your shisha 
  • How to clean shisha? 
  • Oriental molasses flavors 

Professional steps to prepare shisha  

There are many equipments and products you need to prepare shisha. First of all you need hookah itself, then you should bring up some coal and foil and the star of the show molasses. Now that you are all set up, you can follow the steps below to enjoy your shisha in an oriental way: 

  • First step: fill shisha base with water 

The amount of water that you need to run the shisha is about 38mm only, make sure to follow this tip and don’t you ever fill the shisha vase/ base with other liquids especially milk. 

  • Second step: prepare the molasses 

Choose your favorite molasses flavor to smoke, then distribute the molasses evenly in the shisha bowl, and leave space for the foil to avoid burning the Molasses. 

  • Third step:  cover the molasses with foil 

Use a sharp needle to make holes distributed throughout the tin foil, then cover the molasses well with the foil. 

  • Fourth step: light up your shisha coal 

Heat up the coal till it turns into orange color, then put it on the foil and molasses duet. Make sure that your coal is well heated and don’t overdo it. 

On the other hand, it is very important to choose a very good quality molasses and coal to enjoy your shisha session. Also you need to buy a good designed shisha, that suits your needs and occasions. 

The importance of cleaning your shisha 

Clean shisha is a game changer for sure, because you can’t feel the pure molasses flavor with a shisha that is filled with dust and dirt. Like any other tool, you should keep your hookah clean. That will help the improve the shisha performance, and expand its life as well. 

So, it is important to understand that point and never ignoring it. Anyway, cleaning your shisha means that you should clean every single piece of it with cleansers that made especially for this purpose. 

How to clean shisha? 

All you need to start the cleaning process are soft scrup brush, piece of clothing, cleaner made for cleaning shisha and white vinegar. Then you can follow these steps when shisha is cold: 

  • Take out the leftover pieces of molasses and coal carefully.
  • Wash the shisha bowl with warm water. 
  • Use cleaning products made especially to clean the hookah, or you can use a good amount of white vinegar mixed with water to clean shisha bowl and base. 
  • Leave the products there for few minutes.
  • Wash the shisha with water again.
  • Dry shisha pieces very well, by using a clean towel or piece of clothes.
  • Put your shisha together again and enjoy a new clean smoking experience.

Oriental molasses flavors 

There are alot of molasses flavors that give you the oriental vibe you need. It is a clever mixture that can help you to travel the world without leaving your home. Below you will find a rich list of oriental molasses flavors you should try as soon as possible: 

Debaj Molasses, with its fragrant and exceptional cardamom flavor gives you that luxury and comfort feeling. cardamom flavor is also a perfect choice to enjoy soft and calm shisha session with family and friends. The packaging of Debaj Molasses with Cardamom flavor is meticulously and skillfully made in the fully equipped Debaj Molasses factory, using the latest machines, to offer you the finest types of hookah.

if You are looking for a strong molasses flavor that brings the oriental world to your hands, you should try Zofran pan flavor. This flavor is unique inspired by the violet Zafran flower that takes you to a beautiful, colorful world full of dreams. Where the Bronze Age it came from.

Debaj Molasses with the flavor of two Bahraini apples is all you need to understand why molasses is made for. With its strong scent and flavor, you will feel the joy and happiness emanating from the heart with the Debaj molasses with the flavor of the two Bahraini apples. Debaj Molasses packages with two apple (Bahraini) flavor were made carefully and with skilled hands, and it comes to you with many different weights. 

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to enjoy your shisha in an oriental way, you need to follow the steps that oriental people do. And always remember that clean shisha plays a main role in getting an unforgettable shisha experience. 

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