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Smoking shisha like a Pro-101

  At first sight, you might think that smoking shisha like a pro doesn't really need a guideline, but the truth is actually different. For

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Mohammed Alamin January 25, 2024

Everything you need to know about molasses Original Flavors.

  Molasses original flavors are the most searched flavors of all the time, because for many people shisha means original molasses flavors. That's why we

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Mohammed Alamin January 17, 2024

5 Steps to Make Your Molasses Last Longer

  If you are one of the shisha lovers out there, then you must be looking for the best ways to preserve molasses for a

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Muhammed Faisal January 7, 2024

The Ultimate Guideline for Christmas Gifts: Shisha Lovers Edition

  The holiday season is here finally and everyone is looking to get and receive Christmas gifts at the same time. But the hardest part

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Muhammed Faisal December 22, 2023

The Blackstrap Molasses

  The Blackstrap Molasses The hookah molasses is an integral part of the shisha waterpipe or hookah as its lovers like to call it the

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Muhammed Faisal October 16, 2023

The most popular flavors of molasses in Nigeria

  The molasses in Nigeria is a basic product traded for smoking the beloved hookah to many. Nigeria is a huge exposé of the meal's

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Muhammed Faisal October 11, 2023

The dryness of molasses and ways to maintain its moisture

 Molasses is a good substance smell and taste, which is made using tobacco as well as glycerin and various flavors. The molasses is used by

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Muhammed Faisal October 10, 2023

The best-selling molasses flavors in Nigeria

 The molasses is the product that is smoked after it is placed in the head of the hookah, then heated gradually by charcoal, to listen

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Muhammed Faisal October 10, 2023

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