The best tips to avoid feeling dizzy after smoking hookah

The best tips to avoid feeling dizzy after smoking hookah

Hookah sessions are a quiet session that beloved from many, given the calm and relaxation of those sessions. But the hookah also has many side effects of the most famous feeling dizzy during smoking and after completing it as well. In this article we will raise this problem and know the reasons for it and address solutions that help to reduce the incidence of vertigo after the hookah, through the following main points:

  • What is the vertigo associated with smoking the hookah?
  • Reasons for feeling dizzy after smoking hookah
  • Important tips to avoid dizziness occurring after the hookah
  • How long does the dizziness last?
  • Does hookah affect blood pressure

 What is the vertigo associated with smoking the hookah?

Dizziness is a negative symptom that may accompany smoking hookah in some cases, and can occur during the experience of smoking a shisha, or shortly after. According to the American Lung Association, a sense of vertigo usually occurs because smoking individuals who try shisha for the first time may end up inhaling too much.

The vertigo accompanying the hookah is described as a feeling of loss of balance and nausea

Reasons for feeling dizzy after smoking hookah

What are the reasons why some feel dizzy after smoking the hookah?

  • Nicotine:

It is an essential cause because nicotine adversely affects the nervous system, so inhaling a large amount of nicotine causes an increase in heart rhythm and high blood pressure that serves to feel dizzy.

  • Decrease in oxygen:

 Smoking shisha directly reduces the ratio of oxygen to the brain and tissue that serves to feel dizzy.

  • High carbon dioxide (CO2):

Coal combustion is known to lead to the production of CO2 gas, which serves to feel dizzy about inhalation as a result of low oxygen in the blood.

  • Narrowing of the blood vessels:

Feeling dizzy occurs as a result of narrowing of the blood vessels and a decrease in the amount of blood to the brain.

  • Insufficient ventilation in the place:

If the place where the hookah is smoked is not well ventilated, this contributes to the spread of harmful gases in the place such as carbon dioxide and toxic carbon monoxide, which is an important reason for feeling dizzy.

  • Continuing to smoke the hookah for prolonged periods:

 These in turn serve to reduce blood oxygen and increase CO2, which is a major reason for feeling dizzy.

Important tips to avoid dizziness occurring after the hookah

Dizziness occurs after smoking the hookah as a result of an increased level of nicotine. To avoid these symptoms, we advise you to follow the following instructions:

  • Keep drinking water for the duration of drinking shisha.
  • Eat while drinking shisha: such as dried fruits or bread.
  • Take a full breath between each Hookah inhalation: that in turn allows your body to get some oxygen.
  • Don’t smoke more than one time during the day.
  • Do not exercise immediately before or after smoking shisha.
  • You need to drink appropriate quantities of water.
  • Do not smoke hookah while you are hungry, as your body absorbs nicotine faster when you are hungry.
  • Eating smoothies containing vitamin C such as natural oranges and also carrot juice.
  • Not smoking Frequently, because hookah has a very large nicotine ratio.
  • Non-use of fast-flaring coal in shisha because this coal contains harmful lead material

How long does the dizziness last?

The duration of dizziness according to its cause and several other factors such as:

  • The dizziness results from smoke inhalation or nicotine poisoning:

 it may last from a few minutes to a few hours if the smoking continues for long time.

  • If the dizziness results from quitting:

as a withdrawal symptom, it is intermittent and lasts for weeks from the last time the shisha was smoked.

Does hookah affect blood pressure?

Yes, hookah certainly affects blood pressure and leads to high blood pressure, due to lack of oxygen to blood and high blood carbon dioxide, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and sometimes leads to feeling dizzy as a result of high blood pressure.

In conclusion, the topic of dizziness that happen to some after smoking the hookah is an important topic worth discussing. It is desirable to be fully aware of the side effects of smoking of all kinds, including dizziness. which include the chemical effect of certain types of tobacco, or exposure to large amounts of smoke in a short period. To reduce the incidence of this problem, you need to follow the necessary procedures to reduce its incidence.

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