The Hookah Gel

The Hookah Gel

Hookah molasses is known to be a substance originally made of tobacco that is processed in certain ways while adding flavors and colors after going through a precise manufacturing process consisting of several stages of production of hookah molasses, a product that customers enjoy smoking and charming odors. With the growing demand in the hookah market for molasses of its kind, the hookah gel industry, which is a substitute for molasses, can be smoked using hookah and enjoy a beautiful and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explain what the hookah gel is, its use mechanism, and the advantages and disadvantages of the hookah gel, through the following main points:

  • What is the Hookah Gel?
  • What are the advantages of Hookah gel?
  • Disadvantages of Hookah Gel

What is a hookah gel?

Some wonder what the hookah gel and its ingredients are and how to use it. A hookah gel is an organic cream with different foods and flavors specially made for smoking by hookah, a tobacco-free product that is a substitute for the shisha molasses, which is used for smoking by the shisha. The hookah gel or molasse gel consists of glycerin, and added flavors, to add to some of the manufacturer’s ingredients which are food ingredients.

What are the advantages of hookah gel?

Hookah gel or Molasses Gel has many features that he is known for, including:

  • Heating:

You can’t use the hookah gel immediately after placing the coal, to pull directly on the hookah, but it needs about two minutes to be heated and interact with the coal so you can start pulling and smoking it.

  • The category used:

You find the categories that do not prefer tobacco and love light molasses are the ones that prefer this hookah gel and find it familiar to these categories, and the lovers of the concentrated molasses who tend to use tobacco do not prefer smoking the hookah gel.

  • Fat Free:

The fact that the hookah gel is free of all kinds of fats is one of the most important advantages of this product.

  • Tincture-free:

 In the hookah gel industry, it depends on not using colors and pigments so that they are not colored.

  • Flavors:

The flavors in the hookah gel are clear and evident, for example, the flavor of lemon and mint is clear and indicates itself as used by the user.

  • Impact on the perimeter:

 In terms of the type of positive and negative smoking, people around or not smokers are not disturbed by the smell of smoking hookah gel.

  • Healthy alternative:

hookah gel is a healthy alternative to tobacco and molasses use, since it does not contain tobacco, and is, therefore, free of nicotine and tar.

  • Social Participation:

 It is recommended to use hookah gel or molasses gel for people who are not smokers or who prefer to smoke light and diluted shisha molasses in social sessions where hookah is smoked so that people feel involved without exposure to smoking damage.

  • Method of use:

 Five-hole hookah bowls are considered unsuitable for the purposes of smoking the hookah gel, but it is recommended to use single-hole heads. It is also preferable to use the types of easy-to-clean, dark-colored shisha heads since the gel of the hookah may be stuck in the hookah bowl after smoking and difficult to remove. It is preferable to use ceramic shisha heads as they preserve heat

  • Health Effects:

The experience of smoking hookah gel is free of smoking problems such as headaches, phlegm, and bites in the throat, due to its nicotine.

  • Saving:

 The hookah gel is a more affordable alternative than hookah molasses, due to the possibility of using the packaging more times than the pack of shisha molasses that weighs the same weight, so the hookah gel is more affordable.

Disadvantages of hookah gel

  • Nicotine-free:

This is an inappropriate option for nicotine-seeking smokers in the smoking experience, who prefer condensed molasses and tobacco.

  • Stick to the head of the hookah after smoking:

the hookah gel sticks to the bowl of the shisha after heating it with charcoal and it is difficult to clean the head of the shisha after it, and even its effects remain on the bowl.

  • Leaking the gel from the hookah bowl:

When you start smoking the hookah gel, the molasses gel or the hookah gel leaks from the edges of the head of the shisha, causing great discomfort to users.

  • Flavor:

 The flavors of the hookah gel are light flavors, which do not prefer to draw on the hookah sequentially so that it can feel a strong flavor that the user waits at least 20 to 30 seconds between the clouds and the other.

  • Heat Control:

 Ignite the charcoal and place it directly on the tin in which you have made holes, but if you put a small amount of charcoal then the hookah gel does not heat up and cannot pull on it well.

  • Head duration:

Usually in the hookah gel, you feel after about half an hour that the flavor of the hookah gel is stronger than before and you can start enjoying it.

In conclusion, choosing the type of molasses that users prefer is a personal choice subject to the criteria of people’s preference, Hookah gel is also an option that may please many lovers of diluted honey or those who smoke only to participate in social sessions, that is, they do not consider themselves smokers. It is also considered inappropriate for many smokers who prefer tobacco and intense flavored molasses. At the end of this article, we recommend you try the luxurious Debaj Molasses, to try out a fun hookah, one of the advantages of Debaj Molasses is authentic and concentrated flavors, and Debaj Molasses flavors so that everyone finds something to suit their taste. Premium Debaj Molasses is an authentic company, committed to using the best and finest raw materials to produce the best and finest kinds of molasses around the world. In addition to its elegant and modern design packaging, with its different weights to enable you to take it on all your occasions. Order the luxurious Debaj Molasses now and embark on a vital smoking experience, to enjoy with calm, relaxation, and fun.

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