Electronic hookah VS. Traditional hookah

Electronic hookah VS. Traditional hookah

Electronic hookah VS. Traditional hookah


Technology is everything nowadays, it reached every single industry you could think of including the smoking products industry. It sounds weird but it’s real, because today you’ll see Electronic Shisha everywhere,  you might also forget what traditional hookah was if you weren’t a fan of it. Anyway, we’ll talk in  this article about Electronic hookah VS traditional hookah, to help you choose better. Just keep on reading. 

  • What is traditional hookah/ Shisha? 
  • What is Electronic Shisha? 
  • Electronic molasses VS traditional molasses 
  • Molasses flavors you should share with your friends 
  • Electronic hookah VS traditional hookah 

What Is Traditional hookah/ Shisha? 

Traditional shisha, most known as hookah, is that one tool we usually use to smoke molasses. Using Shisha is one of the oldest activities that has been noticed centuries ago, and it has been related to occasions, festivals and different events. 

It starts with heating the molasses using hot coal, then you can start your shisha session after this. As you can see, smoking shisha is easy, interesting and relaxing. Also, it is filled with amazing molasses scents and flavors that you can enjoy all around your world. 

What is Electronic Shisha?

The electronic hookah is an electronic product similar in working principle to the traditional hookah. The method of making electronic shisha depends on the flavored vapor resulting from heating the electronic liquid, which is an alternative to traditional molasses.

Electronic Shisha is trendy nowadays for many different reasons. First of all it doesn’t use nicotine to work, which makes it perfect to use in public places. Also, Electronic Shisha is one of the cultural aspects of this century. 

Electronic molasses VS traditional molasses 

The way electronic molasses and traditional molasses work is similar,  both of them work like a fuel supply to make shisha work. But there are many different points to talk about: 

  • Traditional molasses has a stronger scent and flavor than liquid molasses that are used for electronic hookah.
  • Electronic molasses is made from chemical products that can be added to liquids and make this kind of molasses.
  • Traditional molasses is a mixture of tobacco leaves, glycerin and flavors that suit everyone’s tastes. 

Molasses flavors you should share with your friends 

We prepared at the Debaj factory a full group of molasses flavors that suit everyone’s needs. And while smoking shisha is related to good moments, here are some of our original molasses flavors: 

if You are looking for a unique flavor to share with your loved ones, then you should try the love night flavor from Debaj Molasses packages. This flavor is inspired by the convenient life where the calmness of a happy night of love. Order it now and enjoy the best moments you can have.

Power Pine Flavor is all you need to raise your mood up, with a sweet pine flavor, fragrant flavor that strikes in the depths of the heart. This flavor was made carefully with skilled hands to bring up some fun moments with your family and friends. 

The flavor of the energy drink from Debaj Molasses makes you fly in a world of fun, and it gives you that strong feeling you need to achieve your tasks. The Mixture that you will find here is unique and you won’t find it anywhere else, that’s why you should try it now. 

Debaj molasses with a unique Brazilian flavor, with a fun and outgoing character. This flavor is specially made for those who look for incredible experiences, the aroma of roasted coffee and rich chocolate blend with touches of refreshing tropical fruits take you to a place you have never been before. 

Electronic hookah VS traditional hookah 

Because we are surrounded by technology and we use it everywhere and any time, shisha also has its own electronic version! The main difference between traditional hookah and electronic one, is how they work. For example, Electronic Shisha needs liquid flavored molasses, while traditional hookah uses molasses that is made from tobacco leaves, glycerin and other flavors. 

Another point to discuss here is what is the technique that makes each one of them play? For traditional hookah, the mixture of molasses tobacco and coal is the main player in this game. Meanwhile, Electronic Shisha needs batteries to run the business. 

And last but not least, smoking electronic shisha is healthier because it doesn’t use coal to work. Even though there is not enough studies that prove this, a lot of people think that it’s true.  In conclusion, we discussed the electronic hookah VS  traditional hookah idea to make it easier for you to choose between the two of them. It doesn’t matter what kind of shisha you want to try, because it is all about good company and happy moments. 

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