Facts you need to know about Molasses.

Facts you need to know about Molasses.


Molasses is the main part that run the shisha; it is made from tobacco, glycerin and natural flavors.  Molasses is one of the oldest products that had many changes through the past years in the industry. In this article, we will show you interesting facts about molasses you might read it here for the first time. Keep on reading.

  • The history of molasses
  • Things that ruin molasses tobacco
  • How does good quality molasses looks like?
  • Tips to choose molasses like a pro
  • 5 facts about molasses

The history of molasses

Molasses industry is one of the most famous industries in the modern world; it has developed through past years and has become one of the industries that represent cultural aspects, occasions and good moments.

On the other hand, molasses is that perfect mixture between tobacco leaves and different flavors that suit every body’s needs and tastes. Experts believe that the first appearance of the molasses occurred with the advent of the hookah, specifically in India, several centuries ago.

Things that ruin molasses tobacco

There are some factors that ruin molasses; one of them is dry air that make molasses lose its moisture. This causes dryness of the molasses, which affects its performance.

High temperature also destroys molasses, which is why you should keep the product in a cold and dark place, in order to avoid any changes that could spoil molasses flavor and scent. 

Finally yet importantly, extreme humidity brings the same result the dryness dose. Because humidity spoils the components of the molasses, and prevents it from working properly.

How does good quality molasses looks like?

You might think that choosing good quality molasses is an easy mission, but the truth that you should be careful while choosing molasses to get that perfect shisha experience. Therefore, below are the specifications of high quality molasses:

  • The scent of good molasses is basically strong and  balanced.
  • High quality molasses comes with organic flavors, Extracted from high quality natural ingredients.
  • Good molasses has a natural and attractive color, and it doesn’t show signs of discoloration.
  • The flavor of good quality molasses is delicious and soft, so it allows you to enjoy the best shisha session ever.
  • High quality molasses comes with higher prices than bad molasses products, Which use low-priced ingredients.

Tips to choose molasses like a pro

Now as you know the main Specifications of good molasses, here are some extra tips to choose your molasses product wisely:

  • Look for molasses products that contain natural ingredients away from harmful coloring an chemicals. Exactly like our molasses products at Debaj factory.
  • Choose well-packaged molasses, in a way that protects it from heat, humidity and light. Good packaging is a strong sign of the quality of the product and that the brand cares about its customers.
  • Test the product before purchasing it, by smelling it.  If the smell is strong and refreshing, this means that you are on the right track.

4 facts about molasses

Since the molasses is the main player in shisha session, we’ll show you below 4 interesting facts about molasses you might know for the first time.

Molasses is as old as hookah:

Obviously, Molasses showed up long years ago. Experts think that the first time molasses was known was in India. Back then, people used to mix tobacco leaves with honey and natural ingredients such as herbs and fruits.

Molasses reflects cultural and artistic aspects

It is more than a product we use to smoke shisha. In fact, molasses is a main part of many cultures. That makes molasses a part of celebrations and happy occasions with family and friends.

There are a variety of molasses flavors

We at Debaj factory, have created many different flavors of molasses tobacco that suits your needs and tastes. We also have provided you with the best products that help you enjoy happy shisha sessions.

There are no limits to create new molasses flavors

You won’t believe this, but any flavor in the world could be a molasses flavor to smoke. Therefore you can enjoy a variety of molasses flavors that suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Also you can create your own molasses flavor by simply adding natural ingredients to enjoy your shisha.

In conclusion, choosing good quality molasses is everything you need to do to enjoy shisha. Therefore, head to Debaj’s website to discover our original and exclusive molasses flavors. Order them now and create your own happy moments with your loved ones.

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