Lemon Flavor

Lemon Flavor

The lemon taste in Debaj Flavor is extremely rich and luxurious, it was made specially from the freshest and finest lemon fruit.

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If you want to escape away from the boring routine and life stress, your one and only choice is Debaj flavor with lemon flavor.

The summer flavor will pass through your lungs smoothly and we guarantee that you will be entertained till the last breath .

The exclusive flavor will take you to another destination, far away from the city noises and away from the tension and pressure .

The taste of cold refreshing lemon will bring back the refreshment to you bored soul and will restart your energy that has been waisted during the day.

Certainly, you will figure out that Debaj flavor with lemon will be your first and best choice whether you use it personally or if you send it to one of your close friends.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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