Lemon Mint Flavor

Lemon Mint Flavor

Lemon and mint flavor from Debaj is an excellent summer flavor, its ingredients are balanced and carefully mixed with precision to produce for you a stunning flavor that suits your magnificent taste.


When we think about the best two types of plants that grow at the same time in summer, we will never find anything better than fresh lemon and mint. So we used them and produced one of the sweetest and best flavored flavors, which is lemon and mint flavor from Debaj.

The mixture of lemon and mint is one of the best and most luxurious mixtures that we ever produced in our factory in Dubai. It gives you a long lasting vibes of freshness and energy.

The new lemon and mint flavor from Debaj, is a charming and delicious taste that will change your bad mood, sweeten your sessions, and raise your happiness level to the top.

From the first moment you open the box of lemon and mint flavor, you will immediately feel an explosion of freshness that comes from this stunning mixture.

Due to the high demand for lemon and mint flavor, we have provided it in many different weights:

50 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and the one kilogramme box.

Choose what you need and book before it runs out of stock.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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