The Ultimate Guideline for Christmas Gifts: Shisha Lovers Edition

The Ultimate Guideline for Christmas Gifts: Shisha Lovers Edition


The holiday season is here finally and everyone is looking to get and receive Christmas gifts at the same time. But the hardest part of this thing is choosing the right gift for each person you love, that’s why we are back with the ultimate guideline for Christmas gifts: shisha lovers edition. 

Wondering how we made this list of gifts? Well, we thought and asked shisha experts about their wish list for Christmas and they served the tea! 

Ahead you will find a Very realistic idea for Christmas gifts we made specifically for Shisha/ hookah lovers

  •  A new colorful Shisha
  •  Electronic Shisha 
  •  Debaj Molasses
  • Mini cooking gas cylinder
  •  Hookah accessories
  •  Conclusion
  •  Debaj Molasses flavors to try this Christmas
  • A new colorful Shisha

Shisha most likely known as hookah comes with unlimited colors and shapes, which make it easy to choose the right shisha for the right person. so you won’t stand there wondering how you are going to get the perfect shisha. 

Actually, this won’t be the most creative idea someone could possibly find, but luckily you can add some fun to it. For example, you can choose a shisha with unique designs, one that comes with special words on it to remind you of every moment you spend with your loved ones. 

  •  Electronic Shisha/ hookah as a Christmas gift

We didn’t go too far with this one, but getting an electronic shisha is trendy nowadays. Its fans believe that it is less harmful than a conventional hookah, but there is not enough evidence about this. Anyway, you can give your friends a favor this Christmas, and buy them a good quality electronic shisha they can enjoy everywhere. 

Pro tip: make sure to choose a collection of E-liquid flavors that suits every friend’s taste. 

  •  Debaj Molasses: One of the perfect Christmas gifts for Shisha lovers

Give your friends a special hookah time and bring them a full package of our most popular flavors of Debaj Molasses. We have hookah molasses in many flavors that meet all tastes, and here are the best flavors that your loved ones will never forget:

Mint Flavor:

 Trying our Debaj Flavor with Mint would give you one of the most magnificent moments with your friends and family members. With its fresh strong taste and scent, you’ll feel that we, at Debaj factory, have chosen the best types of mint to enhance the flavor. 

Lemon Mint Flavor:

If you’re looking for Mediterranean vibes or your friends are beach fans, then you must get them lemon Mint Flavor from Debaj, to take them back to summer days this Christmas! 

The experience of joy starts the moment you open the box of lemon and mint flavors because we prepared a very balanced and breathtaking mixture. And now do you smell the lemon freshness around you? To me I do and I’m happy! 

Gum flavor:

No one can truly resist gum flavor, that’s why we, at Debaj factory, have prepared a full high-quality package with Gum flavor molasses. Let’s reclaim our childhood memories this holiday season and ask Santa for Debaj Molasses with gum flavor. 

Cinnamon flavor:

Cinnamon is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about intimate and warm moments in wintertime. Therefore we created a special cinnamon molasses flavor in the Debaj factory, to be presented as a special gift this Christmas. 

Start your unique experience with Debaj Molasses’ unlimited flavors now,  and discover more special flavors to create stories worth reading about.

  •  Mini cooking gas cylinder

This might be the weirdest gift you can give, but it’s probably the most thing a shisha lover needs. Help your friends enjoy their shisha everywhere and anytime, by bringing them a mini cooking gas cylinder. Because literally, this is the only way to keep their shisha coals on fire. 

  •  Hookah accessories 

Add your own mark to your friend’s hookah so they remember you every time they start their shisha session. There are many different kinds of hookah accessories you can choose, for example, get your friend a new aluminum foil puncher, standard mouth tips, or uniquely designed CHARCOAL HOLDER.

  • Debaj Molasses flavors to try this Christmas:

Strawberry cream flavor:

Nothing could beat the strawberry cream flavor molasses when we think about Christmas vibes. this warm, cherry, and delightful flavor will meet the Christmas joy and complete the holiday spirit.

Strawberry cream flavor molasses is now available in many flavors and in different packages, specially made to suit your good taste and in different weights.

Chocolate flavor:

 Christmas means cookies, family gatherings, and gifts, that’s why we, at Debaj factory, created chocolate flavor molasses that can spread the dopamine all around your heart and soul.

Chocolate flavor molasses will give you the exact same feeling you had while watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie if you know what I mean. Ah, do you feel that now? It’s a dream coming true!

Bounty flavor:

wondering why you should try bounty flavor molasses this Christmas? Well, the genius mixture of chocolate and coconut will bring you joy, peace, and comfort. Not to mention the warm blue box of bounty flavor molasses, that meets Christmas spirit perfectly.

Order Debaj Molasses with Bounty flavor now, which comes to you with different weights to enhance the finest sessions. It is also suitable for presenting as a special gift this Christmas.

In conclusion, that was our list of Christmas gifts specially made to suit shisha lovers wish list. Don’t forget to give your friends unforgettable moments and buy them Debaj Premium Molasses and its many authentic flavors. Debaj Molasses is available in many weights and different sizes are also available to suit all your needs and occasions. Order the luxurious Debaj Molasses now and enjoy the balanced flavors of the molasses to take you into a world of calm and quiet.

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