5 Steps to Make Your Molasses Last Longer

5 steps to make your molasses last longer

5 Steps to Make Your Molasses Last Longer


If you are one of the shisha lovers out there, then you must be looking for the best ways to preserve molasses for a long time, so you can enjoy the best possible experience.  The flavor, smell, and texture of molasses change depending on different conditions and factors.  Therefore, in this article, we will talk about 5 steps to make your molasses last longer. Just keep on reading. 

  • What is molasses? 
  • What are the conditions that affect your molasses? 
  • 5 steps to make your molasses last longer 
  • Molasses flavors you can enjoy in long-term shisha sessions

What is molasses? 

The molasses is the most important part of the hookah. The molasses consists of mixing tobacco, glycerin, and various flavors. It smells good and tastes like the best thing in the world, shisha lovers say.  Like other products, several factors lead to molasses drying out and spoiling, so it must be stored in appropriate conditions.

On the other hand, smoking molasses is a big part of the popular culture related to hookah. So you can find it with many different flavors that suit everyone, like mint flavor, watermelon flavor, two apple flavors and many more other flavors. 

What are the conditions that affect your molasses? 

There are some conditions that affect your molasses and ruin it, that’s why you need to keep in mind these following points: 

  • Dry air :

If the molasses is exposed to dry air, it will lose its moisture, which affects the quality of its flavor and function at the same time.

  • High temperature:

High heat destroys the components of the molasses and spoils its flavour. 

  • Extreme humidity:

surprisingly, extreme humidity can affect the molasses badly, and experts think that it’s a main cause of product corruption.

To avoid all of the factors above, make sure to keep the molasses in a dark, dry and cold place if you are looking for an unforgettable shisha session. 

5 steps to make your molasses lasts longer 

We know that you’ve been trying to find the best ways to preserve molasses, therefore we are going to tell you about 5 hero steps to get that perfect molasses flavor, as follows: 

  • Use the molasses as soon as you open the molasses box 

it is very important to not keep the molasses box opened for a long time, in this case you help dry air to get into the product, which affects its quality after all. 

  • Keep the molasses in a cold place

As We mentioned before, high heat destroys the molasses. That’s why you need to keep the product at room temperature, and make sure to keep the molasses in the fridge during hot summer days. 

  • Use high-quality coal 

you might ask yourself how does the quality of coal used in shisha play a main role in making the molasses last longer? And here is the answer. In fact,  low quality coal draws moisture out of the molasses, which takes us to the first point. 

  •  Back to the basics 

Well, we talked about the danger of high humidity and dry air, so we need to find something in between to keep the molasses in perfect conditions. For example you can spray water on molasses if it goes a little dry. 

  • Choose high-quality molasses 

This Step is very important to make your molasses last longer, because smoking good molasses will take the shisha experience to another level. Therefore we, at Debaj factory, have been working on our products to give you the best flavors of all the time. 

Molasses flavors you can enjoy in a long term shisha sessions

Enjoy your hookah time with your family and friends, and try our original molasses flavors that suit your needs and occasions. And here’s what we choose for you

Ice Watermelon Mint Flavor: 

Debaj watermelon flavored with iced watermelon and mint is the only creative mixture you need to stay in a good mood all day long. Debaj Molasses packages with ice watermelon mint flavor were made carefully and with skilled hands, specialized in the Debaj Molasses Factory. 

Debaj Flavor with Mint and Grapes: 

This flavor is one of the unique versions, which we have ensured that it combines the freshness of mint with the sweetness of Grapes. You can enjoy this flavor any time during the year, order it now and let the magic happen. 

Maxi Flavor from Debaj:

 Maxi is a captivating blend of our secret and magical mixture, it is what you need to feel warm and cold at the same time. And that’s what makes it one of the most requested flavors in our molasses collection. 

In conclusion, we talked about 5 steps to make your molasses last longer, To enjoy your shisha session with your family and friends. Remember to follow those steps next time you buy a new molasses box. 

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