The only tutorial you need to light shisha coals

The only tutorial you need to light shisha coals


Basically, coal is the fuel that shisha needs to work. That’s why it is important to understand how it works, to enjoy the best shisha session ever. And because the way you heat your shisha plays a main role in its quality, we will tell you in this article about the only tutorial you need to light shisha coals. Keep on reading.

  • How does shisha work?
  • Facts about shisha/ hookah 
  • The right tutorial you need to light shisha coals 
  • Molasses flavors inspired by most famous cakes flavors 

How does shisha work? 

Shisha is a smoking tool that has been used for centuries, it is one of the most popular cultural aspects that reflects traditions. Shisha is also known as hookah, and it depends on two main products to run, they are molasses and coal. 

Usually, you fill the shisha bowl with flavored molasses tobacco and cover it up with a foil paper. Then you need to put well heated coal on the foil that covers molasses, to start the shisha session perfectly. 

On the other hand, shisha experts think that using a good quality coal, especially the natural one, makes a huge difference in the way that molasses works. That’s why you should be careful while choosing the coal, also you need to keep it in a dry place because high humidity could damage the coal. 

Facts about shisha/ hookah 

Here is a list of facts that you should know about shisha/ hookah: 

  • Electronic Shisha is also a new update of traditional shisha, but the main difference is that Electronic Shisha needs liquid flavored molasses and batteries to play, while traditional hookah uses molasses and coal duet for the same purpose.
  • Molasses is a mixture of tobacco leaves, flavors made out of herbs and other ingredients and glycerin. Molasses is as old as shisha and it has a unique position in the shisha world. 
  • Cleaning shisha makes a difference in the smoking experience, because it allows you to enjoy the pure molasses flavor. All you need is clean water and a piece of clothing, and make sure to keep on cleaning your shisha constantly. 
  • Shisha suits every single occasion and season. with the variety of molasses flavors, you will always find the best flavor to enjoy your time with hookah. 

The right tutorial you need to light shisha coals

Everyone knows that preparing shisha needs skilled hands to make it work. It starts from filling the shisha vase with water, till lighting up the coal. The point of heating up the coal is that you need them hot but not burned, because burned coal means burned molasses and this is the last thing to wish for.

Therefore, the trick here is pretty simple and all you need to do is to put the coal on the heating stove and wait until it turns orange. This is the part where you stop the process and put the coal on shisha to start the game. 

Molasses flavors inspired by most famous cakes flavors

We at Debaj factory, created many different and unique flavors that you will not find anywhere else. So, if you are a cake fan we recommend these following debaj molasses flavors to try: 

It is obvious that strawberry cakes are very popular, because of their perfect mixture of strawberry and cream. Debaj strawberry cake flavored molasses is extracted from the flavor of delicious cake and the most delicious strawberry, to fill your heart with happiness and joy. Debaj Molasses packages with strawberry cake flavor were made carefully and with skilled hands, specialized in the Debaj Molasses Factory.

 Cinnamon cake is the first thing that pops up when we think about cozy moments, that’s why we at Debaj factory, created this molasses flavor that is available in various packaging options, specially crafted to suit your elegant taste, with different weights to enhance the finest sessions. It is also suitable for presenting as a special gift.

 If you are looking for a fresh and sweet molasses flavor, then you should try the lime cake flavor we made at Debaj factory. The packaging of Debaj Molasses with Lime Cake flavor is meticulously and skillfully made in the fully equipped Debaj Molasses factory, using the latest machines, to offer you the finest types of hookah.

In conclusion,  lighting up the coal plays a main role in getting an unforgettable shisha experience. Therefore you should choose a very good quality coal to get that perfect molasses flavor you need, also it is important to use the right amount of coal to light up your shisha. 

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