Banana Flavor

Banana Flavor

Debaj Molasses is available in a delicious Banana flavor, as well as in many flavors and in different packages, Specially made to suit your good taste and in different weights.

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Debaj molasses with its original, distinctive flavors of high concentration is the origin of the hookah and the indication of its times, including Debaj molasses with a banana flavor taken from the delicious banana fruit and inspired by a captivating and picturesque world where the beauty and magnificence of tropical forests and its delicious and varied fruits with a wonderful taste.

Debaj Molasses packages with Banana flavor were made carefully and with skilled hands, specialized in the Debaj Molasses Factory, which is equipped with the latest equipment to offer you the best types of molasses.

Debaj is not only a box of molasses, but a box that contains an entire world of happiness. Debaj molasses with Banana flavor is your best choice at all times and occasions.

Debaj honey with banana flavor has a delicious taste, a flavor of imagination, and a pleasant aroma that takes you to a unique, unique world that is not devoid of calm and relaxation, just like the calmness of the picturesque tropical forests.

Refresh your summer with the banana flavor of Debaj Molasses, and start with vitality and fun, where renewal and your energy have no limits. Debaj Banana Flavored Molasses for long fun and unparalleled happy times with yourself, with family, or with friends, because if Debaj Banana Flavored Molasses comes, fun will come with it.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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