Blue Berry Flavor

Blue Berry Flavor

Enjoy the exclusive and interesting blueberry flavors box from Debaj, as they are carefully and meticulously designed. From the beginning of opening the wondrous box, the scent of blueberries will spread out as if they were stars flying up to the sky.

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If you want to get away from routine, usual and boring flavors of Flavors, you should try the new delicious and exclusive blueberry flavor from Debaj.

Blueberry Flavors from Debaj is a completely new, sweet and unusual taste.

Blueberry Flavors considered as one of the finest and lightest flavors in our package, it is suitable for summer weather and fresh spring.

In our factory in Dubai, we extracted blueberry Flavors from the hands of the best gourmets and flavor experts in the world, to produce to you one of the finest and most attractive flavors that you will ever try.

It will perfume the place where you sit, and everyone around you will ask about this charming aromatic scent. And of course, you will gift everyone who asks about the flavor, so we have provided you with several weights in order to suit your request, which are:

50 grams, 100 grams, half a kilogramme and one kilogramme.

Order the new blueberry Flavors falvor from Debaj now and fly with us to a whole new world of happiness

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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