Grape Flavor

Grape Flavor

Debaj Molasses with grape flavor is suitable for the blooming spring weather and the refreshing summer sun. When you smell the grapes, you will smell the sea breeze and the beautiful vital summer atmosphere.

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The team of flavor experts in our factory in Dubai traveled to the best place where the original, fresh Cardinal grapes are grown, and we collected for you what suits you of the finest types to make for you the best Molasse, which is Debaj Molasses with grape flavor.

From the first breath of Debaj grape-flavored Molasse, you will find yourself traveling to a new world of sweetness that will immediately refresh your body and fill your soul with vitality and life.

Debaj grape Molasse presents to you a sweet, elegant and rich taste, that you and your friends will fall deeply in love with.

Come and live with us a new experience of the best and finest taste, which is the taste of the original grapes Molasse from Debaj.

We prepared the grapes Molasse especially for you in our factory in Dubai to satisfy your luxurious taste.

The new grapes Molasse from Debaj is available in several weights, hurry up to reserve the suitable quantity for you, the grape muassel was packaged in boxes with modern and stylish designs and in different weights, which are:

50 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and one kilogramme.

Book your box now.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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