Mango Flavor

Mango Flavor

Debaj Molasses is the origin of the luxurious hookah flavor. Debaj mango flavored Molasses has a wonderful, unparalleled flavor that makes you sail in a different convenient life. The flavor is inspired by the charming taste of fruits and the freshness of summer.

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The mango flavor of Debaj lasts for the longest time, the mango flavor of Debaj Molasses improves your mood and calms your nerves to keep your mind in peace, that take you to another world full of adventure.

Debaj mango flavored Molasses, make it the companion of your happy times, refresh yourself in summer, and feel free with the most wonderful flavors.

Debaj molasses is available in mango flavor, various flavors, and different packages, made efficiently to suit your sessions and your refined taste, in packages of dif50 gr

250 gr

500 gr


Debaj mango flavored molasses packages were specially made for you by expert and skilled hands in the Debaj molasses factory, to manufacture the best types of molasses.

Create your own happy moments and beautiful memories with concentrated and assorted flavored molasses.

Debaj mango flavored molasses, order it now, a box of pleasure, happiness and fun, Debaj mango flavored molasses is your best choice at all times and on all occasions.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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