Three Apple Flavor

Three Apple Flavor

The box of Three Apples Flavor from Debaj is not an ordinary box, its a precious treasure that full of rich, strong and luxurious taste. It also has a modern design that will attract you from the first look.

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Every kind of apple is different in it’s falvor than the other.

All the red, green and yellow apples have their own specific features and falvors.

The taste of green apples is sharp, and the red has a strong flavor, although the green is sweet. At our factory, we extract from all of them a luxurious and distinctive taste. The three apples flavor from Debaj is one of the very best and finest tastes that you will ever experience in your whole life.

Whether you choose to prepare the three apples flavor from Debaj in the middle of the calmness of nights or in the refreshing mornings, you will find it as the best company and the best choice that you could ever take.

You can order the three apples flavorl from Debaj NOW, its available in four packages in different weights to suit your desires.

The smallest weights 50 grams, the best choice for a calm session with yourself. As for the larger box, it weighs 250 grams, nothing else would be more suitable for a lovely family gathering that is full of love and happiness.

There are also the box of half a kilogramme and the one kilogramme, choose from the packages what suits you and order now.

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1 Kg, 10 × 50 gm Boxes, 250 gm Box, 50 gm Box


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