9 professional steps to prepare hookah

9 professional steps to prepare hookah

The hookah or water pipe shisha is that base that is filled with water, from which a tube descends to smoke the molasses that is placed in the head of the hookah, and then heated by coal at appropriate temperatures, to enjoy the best flavors of the hookah, where the aromas take you to another world of calm and relaxation. To ensure pleasant shisha sessions, we advise you to prepare well for it, so that you can enjoy your sessions with family or friends or if you want to be calm with yourself. In this article, we will discuss the most important tools needed to prepare shisha professionally, and the right way to prepare the hookah so that it is free from the problems faced by some smokers. Through the following main points:

  • The most important tools for preparing hookah
  • Step-by-Step Hookah Preparation Method
  • professional tips to prepare hookah

Tools for the preparation of the hookah

Before preparing the hookah, you need to know the tools for it. These tools are an integral part of the hookah and must be kept clean and ready for permanent use. These tools include:

  • Shisha base or glass base:

the part where the water is placed, where the smoke you inhale is filtered before it passes you through the tube.

  • Hookah Body:

It is the basic piece to which hookah parts such as tubes and bowls are bound, and are made of glass, stainless or other materials.

  • Hookah pipe:

 It is associated with the body of the hookah, through which the smoke you inhale passes during the smoking of the hookah. Smoke from the glass bowl through the pipe to the mouth.

  • Shisha bowl:

The molasses is placed, which is distributed inside it before it is covered with foil, heated, and then smoked.

  • Water and ice:

Water is used to filter and soften the smoke you drag through the tube before it reaches you, and some may want to use ice for the purpose of adding a cold flavor to the hookah.

  • Foil:

Used to cover the head of the hookah, coal is distributed on foil to heat the molasses.

  • Coal lighter:

 used to ignite coal, coal can be ignited in other ways.

  • Coal:

 You will definitely need coal to ignite shisha, including natural coal, and fast-igniting coal, and for the quality of smoking and to enjoy the taste and flavor of the molasses recommended to use natural coal.

  • Shisha molasses:

 You need the hookah molasses to smoke and enjoy distinctive flavors and brilliant smells.

  • Coal tongs:

Coal tongs are used to flip and place coal on the head of the shisha safely.

  • Shisha piercing needle:

Shisha piercing needle or a tool for piercing aluminum foil, is to be used to pierce the aluminum foil with which the head of the hookah is closed, in order to regulate the temperature of the hookah or the water pipe.

9 professional steps to prepare shisha

After making sure you have all the necessary tools, make sure to ventilate the place well, and try to stay away from the children’s whereabouts, you can start equipping the shisha through the following steps:

  • Glass base:

Fill the glass base with water appropriately, by adding about 38ml of water, and you have to pay attention to leaving a good distance in the glass base not submerged so that it prevents smoke escalation to the pipe. To keep the glass base clean, avoid filling it with milk, or adding milk and its derivatives to the water at the glass base of the shisha.

  • Loop or bottle seal:

 it’s the part that connects the shisha body to the glass base. This ring usually comes in elastic, plastic, or silicon, and silicon rings are the finest type of ring

  • Coal dish:

This saucer is placed and fixed before placing the hookah bowl, which is the saucer on which the embers are placed.

  • Shisha pipe:

To clean this tube blow into it to remove dust or particles stuck inside. And remember, you don’t have to wash the hookah pipe before you make sure it’s washable. To install the pipe with the shisha, insert the exact end of the pipe into its designated place, and pay attention if the hookah has two outlets for the pipe, you have to insert the hookah pipe from an outlet, and close the other port with a rubber piece, for example

  • Processing the molasses:

To equip the molasses, break it down. Users usually make this step with their fingers.

  • Hookah head or bowl:

You have to distribute the molasses evenly in the shisha bowl, then leave an estimated distance of 2ml between the container surface in the shisha head and the foil that covers it, so that you avoid contact with the molasses foil so that the molasses does not burn and produces an undesirable flavor for you.

  • Foil:

It is placed over the head of the shisha from the top, and it is recommended that the piece of tin sheet be about 5cm larger on all sides so that you can tighten the head closure and wrapping. You also need to avoid crunch or wrinkled foil that causes dysfunction in heat distribution. If the quality of the foils you have is thin it is recommended to increase another layer. The shisha bowl must resemble the drum head. Then make holes appropriately so that they are neither many nor few. If you want to make tight holes, you have to increase their number, and if you want wide holes, reduce the number of holes to avoid burning the molasses and changing its flavor.

There are metal hoods for the shisha head that preserve the distance between the molasses and the coal, but they need a greater amount of coal to heat the head.

  • Coal ignition:

 Special lighters are used for this purpose like gas, electric lighters or special stove. You should be careful when stirring and moving coal and avoid contact with it except through special tongs for shisha purposes, and avoid using kitchen tweezers. It must continue to ignite coal until it turns light orange.

Place the charcoal on the foil using the tongs, and pay attention to the sides covered by the tongs during their pregnancy. The fire may not have reached them, so blow them until they ignite and turn light orange. Then place the coal on the foil so that the piece of coal is covered with a layer of ash. Avoid blowing on charcoal directly above the foil because this will cause dust particles to be introduced into the tin holes, thereby changing the flavor of the molasses.

  • Smoking the shisha:

 Keep the head of the hookah heated gradually, do not pull strongly with the aim of accelerating the head heating process as this will cause the molasses to burn and change its flavor.

Important tips for professional shisha processing

We will give you some important tips that will help you to properly equip your hookah, avoid accidents and problems you may experience while smoking shisha:

  • Use a good quality of the hookah molasses

to get a great flavor and a fun hookah session.

  • Regular cleaning:

Your shisha must be perfectly clean on the outside and always ready to use

  • Coal igniting:

 Use high quality coal, heat it evenly before placing it on the hookah bowl.

  • Then put it on foil to ignite well
  • Aluminum paper:

Use aluminum paper with caution and make small holes to allow air to pass through, avoid tearing aluminum paper while processing the hookah bowl.

  • Prepare the glass bowl:

by filling it with an appropriate amount of water and avoid filling the glass base completely.

  • Molasses placing:

The molasses should be distributed in the shisha head or bowl evenly and then compressed gently to ensure that it is evenly distributed.

  • Periodic maintenance:

You have to maintain the hookah periodically to maintain its good performance and long-life span.

  • Drag slowly:

Avoid drag quickly and vigorously which accelerates the burning of the head of the shisha, and change the flavor of the molasses.

At the conclusion of this article, we are pleased to provide you with a clear and concise guide to preparing shisha professionally. We emphasize safety measures during shisha preparation and coal igniting to avoid incidents that may not be desirable.For fun and exemplary shisha sessions, we recommend you with a luxurious Debaj Molasses with authentic and distinctive flavors. Its balanced flavors are a great imprint in the world of molasses-making. Debaj Molasses is a prominent example of the best type of molasses, where Debaj Molasses Factory is committed to using the finest raw materials in the manufacture of Debaj Fine Molasses, as it is manufactured by professional hands and by experienced makers, using the latest machinery and equipment. Enjoy the dream box of the luxurious Debaj Molasses that brings you to a world of calm, relaxation and pleasure.

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