Tips to avoid a headache after hookah

Tips to avoid a headache after hookah

Hookah is a way of fun and a social encounter for many, especially in the youth group. Quiet sessions, relaxation, fun, exchange of discussion, but nevertheless, the hookah has a number of side effects that affect health, including the pain of headaches after hookah, which is an important problem that should not be neglected, as people with headaches after hookah feel that it reduces the enjoyment of shisha sessions, and spoils moments of calm and relaxation.

In this article we will recognize the problem of headaches after hookah by discussing it and identifying the causes of this issue occurrence, and provide some tips to avoid this headache after hookah. Through the following main points:

  • What is the headache from smoking shisha?
  • What is the scientific cause of headache after hookah?
  • Environmental factors that cause headaches after smoking shisha
  • Top tips to keep individuals healthy and enjoy hookah

What is the headache from smoking shisha?

Hookah headaches are a kind of head or scalp pain, sometimes this pain is in the neck, and some may ignore this pain to disappear, or seek help from the doctor.

What is the scientific cause of headache after hookah?

Lack of access to oxygen in the blood to the brain with the presence of toxic tobacco substances, which leads to the expansion of arteries and veins outside and inside the skull, which leads to severe bouts of headache, nausea and sometimes vomiting.

This headache occurs as a result of narrowing blood vessels and a lack of blood to the brain, and the best is to simply leave the hookah.

Causes of headaches after smoking shisha

Here are some possible reasons for headaches after smoking shisha

  • Smoking on an empty stomach:

this causes nausea besides headaches

  • Long-time smoking of shisha:

Prolonged smoking of hookah causes a lack of oxygen and a second increase in the brain’s carbon oxidation leading to a headache

  • Lack of oxygen:

Long smoking hookah may cause low oxygen in the blood and cause headaches

  • Allergy:

 You may have a type of allergy to one of the compounds that goes into tobacco manufacturing or honey, which works to feel a headache.

  • Strain and stress:

The shisha relax and calms, but may cause reverse effect in the smoker of the shisha with headaches as a result of stress tension.

  • Nicotine

 which is used in the tobacco industry cause to expand blood vessels and increase heart rhythm resulting in headache.

  • Dehydration:

 hookah sometimes causes headaches due to a lack of fluid, as it is known to be the result of smoking the hookah that cause dehydration in the body due to its diuretic effect.

  • Chemical effect:

 poor types of molasses and tobacco may include chemicals that cause respiratory irritation leading to headaches.

Environmental factors that cause headaches after smoking shisha

Whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker, the surrounding smoking environment can affect you and cause you to feel a headache. These are the most important environmental factors that cause headaches after a shisha.

  • Smoking in an enclosed place:

Smoking in an enclosed place contributes significantly to nausea and headaches after smoking hookah and may lead to fainting due to lack of oxyge

  • Insufficient ventilation in the place:

If the ventilation of the place is insufficient, it does not regenerate clean air in the place, causing an increase in carbon dioxide, which is the cause of the headache.

  • Secondary or passive smoking:

You may be exposed to rising hookah smoke from friends or surroundings, which affects health and causes headaches.

Ways to treat headaches after hookah

There are plenty of ways to get rid of a headache after hookah, including the following:

  • Enough rest:

If the headache after the shisha was caused by exhaustion and fatigue, you should take enough rest and relax.

  • Drinking water and moisturizing:

 so that sufficient quantities of water should be drunk to treat headaches that may be caused by hookah as a result of its diuretic effect

  • Massage:

Massaging the head, scalp and neck area has a benefit and a prominent role in alleviating headaches

  • Simple painkillers:

 It is possible to take mild and recommended painkillers from the doctor, and to use the doctor’s guidance.

  • Stay away from stimuli:

 You should stay away from drinking stimuli and substances containing enough, as this will exacerbate headaches after hookah.

  • Good ventilation:

 The place of hookah sessions must be well ventilated to avoid headaches, and the place filled with ankle smoke can also be changed to a place with fresh air.

  • Good sleep:

 Get enough sleep to relieve stress and headaches after shisha.

Top tips to keep individuals healthy and enjoy hookah

  • Smoking moderation:

Excessive smoking causes increased exposure to nicotine and harmful compounds, which negatively causes physical and mental health.

  • Choosing the right place to smoke a shisha:

away from enclosed and crowded spaces and away from the places are not well ventilated.

  • Choose good quality of the hookah molasses:

This is because the good molasses does not contain chemical substances that cause nausea and headaches.

  • Sharing shisha with friends:

Exchanging shisha with friends relieves the frequency of smoking unit, and helps to exchange talking with them that reduces increased smoking and its symptoms.

  • Choose natural flavors:

 natural flavors contain natural extracts that do not cause nausea and headaches when burnt with tobacco.

  • Snack before smoking the hookah:

avoid smoking on an empty stomach, which is a major reason nausea and headache after hookah.

  • Responsible smoking:

Your health is your priority, so you need to smoke the hookah moderately and balanced and do not cause the hookah to become a source of persistent health problems.

In the end, headaches after hookah have several reasons and factors to be wary of, so as not to make enjoyment and health contradictory. Care must therefore be taken to smoke the hookah thoroughly and responsibly in a sound and appropriate manner and take appropriate measures not to make its harm more adversely affecting health so that it can balance health and enjoy shisha.

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