Oriental molasses flavors made especially for Shisha lovers

Oriental molasses flavors made especially for Shisha lovers

Every one of us knows the strong love story between shisha and oriental vibes. It sounds like both of them meant to each other. Therefore, shisha is always there when you need to enjoy an oriental peace of mind. And to make the experience more satisfying and special, we’ll talk in this article about our favorite oriental molasses flavors to try as soon as possible. 

  • What is shisha and how does it work? 
  • Pro steps to prepare shisha 
  • Facts about molasses industry 
  • Oriental molasses flavors to try this season 

What is shisha and how does it work? 

Hookah or mostly known as shisha, is that one tool is used to smoke molasses tobacco. The molasses is basically made from tobacco leaves, glycerin and other ingredients that give molasses its good scent and flavor. 

On the other hand, shisha first appeared in India. Where people used to mix tobacco leaves with honey and herbs, and smoke the mixture as a part of happy occasions and festivals. 

The industry of molasses has been developed through past years, So the industry of hookah. Which means that you can find a lot of choices when it comes to shisha designs, colors and the function.  Also, you can choose different sizes of shisha. Therefore you can take your shisha with you wherever you go,  to enjoy the best flavors everywhere and any time. 

Pro steps to prepare shisha 

If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy shisha, below the only steps you need to try next time: 

  • Step 1: make sure that every single piece of shisha is clean. Then fill the shisha vase/ bowl with water. 
  • Step 2: choose your favorite molasses flavor to smoke, and fill it properly.
  • Step 3: cover the molasses with foil, and get it ready to the show. 
  • Step 4: light up the coal by heating it up, keep the process on and stop once the coal turns into orange color. 
  • Step 5: now, as everything is set, you are ready to go. You can smoke molasses tobacco and enjoy its perfect taste. 

Facts about molasses industry 

Today, the molasses industry provides economic revenues to many countries. It represents one of the most prominent economic as well as cultural aspects. Especially in the Middle East and East Asia. That’s why we will talk in these following points about molasses facts, you might hear for the first time: 

  • The molasses industry has evolved over time. It began many centuries ago, coinciding with the emergence of the hookah. Therefore, this industry is one of the oldest industries that was transmitted through cultural exchange and trade.
  • Hookah has a close relationship with the atmosphere of joy and happiness.  We find that it is a major element in various occasions and celebrations. 
  • The molasses industry contributes to providing job opportunities for many people. Starting from working on tobacco farms, all the way to the processes of producing the molasses product in factories.
  • The molasses industry offers wide areas of innovation.  Therefore, products can be developed to achieve the luxury that hookah smoking lovers are looking for.

Oriental molasses flavors to try this season

Now, that you know the importance of molasses industry, and the wide effects it has. We will show you our favorite flavors list, inspired by oriental vibes: 

Rose flavor is the closest flavor to nature.  It takes you to a world full of colour, freshness and butterflies. This molasses flavor from Debaj Molasses, Made by expert and professional hands, using the latest technologies in making molasses. Don’t miss out this flavor and try it as soon as you can, especially during this spring season. It is also suitable to be unique and to be presented as a special gift.

  • Cardamom coffee flavor: Coffee with cardamom is the combination you need to feel the oriental atmosphere, Arabic in particular. The finest tobacco leaves have been carefully selected and blended with premium natural cardamom, to live the experience to the maximum. 

This perfect molasses flavor is the only flavor you need to enjoy your favorite dessert. The packaging of Debaj Molasses with Cardamom Coffee flavor is meticulously and skillfully made in the fully equipped Debaj Molasses factory, using the latest machines, to offer you the finest types of hookah.

  • Cardamom flavor: if you are looking for a strong and extraordinary flavor, you should try this unique flavor of Debaj Molasses. Molasses in cardamom flavor, which combines tradition and innovation, to offer you a luxurious and distinctive experience that inspires your senses.

In conclusion, looking for a good molasses is the most important part to consider before starting the shisha session. head to Debaj’s website to discover our original and exclusive molasses flavors. Order them now and enjoy the shisha every day.  

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