Professional instructions for filling and igniting coal and preparing hookah

Professional instructions for filling and igniting coal and preparing hookah

There is no doubt that hookah has become a companion of happy sessions, as it has become a global phenomenon, so it is very important to know how to prepare luxurious hookah in the right ways. One of the most important things is igniting and preparing the coal, in addition to preparing the hookah itself. It is known that coal is the element that generates the heat needed to heat the molasses that is placed in the bowl of the hookah, and therefore it is an essential element that greatly determines the smoothness and quality of smoking. In this article, we will talk about ways to ignite and prepare coal efficiently, and prepare hookah in a professional way, in order to have an enjoyable and distinctive hookah session. Where we will highlight the most important tips and advice that will enable you to enjoy the best hookah experience. By discussing the following main points:

  • The most important tips for preparing coal professionally
  • The best ways to fill the bowl of the hookah
  • How to choose the appropriate molasses flavors
  • How to determine the appropriate amount of coal
  • Distinctive ideas for adding natural flavors to hookah water

Top tips for professional coal processing

Natural coal or self-igniting coal is an ideal option for preparing of a distinctive hookah and for the professional processing of coal. We will give you the steps to prepare coal and the best ways to prepare it in the shisha bowl:

  • Coal selection:

It is preferable to use natural coal free of any additives or chemicals, free of harmful colors. Natural coal usually comes in the form of a small tablet.

  • Coal ignition tools:

Prepare a coal stove, preferably a charcoal stove especially.

  • Prepare the place:

choose the right place, preferably also safe to place the stove and ignite the coal. It is important to pay attention to the place, where you must avoid placing it near flammable materials.

  • Coal ignition:

 Place the coal disc on the stove and ignite it using a lighter or long stick to ignite the coal on all sides. Then wait until the coal is ivory grey on all sides.

Optimal methods of filling the shisha bowl

To fill the hookah bow in a more efficient way, you should:

  • Choice of flavor:

Choose your beloved and favorite molasses flavor. Make sure the flavor is strong, delicious, and suitable for a quiet and fun hookah session.

  • Bowl preparing:

 Open the hookah bowl and dismantle the molasses you chose with your hands. And you can mix the molasses with glycerin if you prefer.

  • Filling:

 Fill the hookah bowl with molasses until it is even and airtight with the appropriate pressure. A proper amount of molasses should be placed so that it is not too dense and not too light.

  • Coal mode:

 After the coal is ready (so that it is grey on all sides), carefully place the coal in the center of the hookah bowl using the coal tongs. Then wait for a few minutes for the molasses to heat up and then the smoke to form.

  • Heat control:

 It is preferable to place pieces of charcoal on the edges of the bowl in proportion to the size of the hookah bowl in order to control the temperature. If the smoke is too thick, remove the charcoal or slightly lift the bowl off the base of the shisha. And if the smoke is too light, put extra charcoal.

  • Enjoy shisha:

After adjusting the heat and filling the bowl properly, enjoy hookah by smoking your favorite flavor.

How to choose the right honey flavors

Choosing the right flavors from among the different flavors of molasses is an essential part of the experience of smoking hookah. These flavors may affect the taste, intensity, and overall ability to enjoy the session. Here are some tips for choosing the right flavors:

  • Experience a variety of flavors:

 Before you identify a particular molasses flavor, try a variety of different flavors available on the market. It’s normal to find that your taste is different from others, so explore different flavors to see what suits your personal taste and the criteria for your preferences.

  • Pay attention to the tobacco rule:

 check the tobacco base before buying it. Some flavors may contain a high percentage of glycerin and unwanted substances, reflecting negatively on its normal flavor and quality. So, try choosing high-quality normal, natural ingredients and premium tobacco to get a better experience.

  • Experience mixes:

Trying to mix different flavors for a special flavor will make the experience special. And you can mix two or more flavors for a unique taste and special flavor that suits your own taste

You may need some trials and mistakes to find the perfect mixtures that suit you, so don’t worry about doing the trial.

How to determine the right coal quantity

  • The number of tablets:

This depends on the size of the hookah bowl and the number of air holes in it. So, you could need one or two coal tablets for a large bowl or one for a small bowl

  • Heat experience:

 Initially, use one tablet of coal as an experiment and wait for 5-10 minutes to see how it affects molasses and smoke density. You may need to add another tablet if you want to increase heat and smoke density, or you may need to remove one tablet if the heat is excessive.

  • Follow-up coal while smoking:

 The condition of coal should be followed and attention to its temperature while smoking. If you feel that coal lacks heat, you can add an extra tablet or replace it with a new one. It is important to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed to the molasses in the hookah bowl to ensure the continuity of the smoke quality throughout the session.

Distinctive ideas for adding natural flavors to hookah water

Adding natural flavors to the water used in the hookah glass jar can be a great way to bring a touch of creativity to the traditional flavors of the hookah and elevate it to the finest level. Here are some ideas to add natural flavors of water:

  • Fruit cutting:

Use fresh fruits such as lemon, orange, apple, strawberry, kiwi, or pineapple. So you slice the fruit into thin slices or small pieces, then place it in the bottom of the glass jar.

  • Mint leaves:

Mint leaves have a distinctive character so that they add a refreshing flavor and a beautiful view of hookah. Place some fresh mint leaves in the water and gently mash them to free the flavor and spread them in the water.

  • Lemon and mint:

Try mixing lemon slices with mint leaves in water for a refreshing and delicious mix.

  • Cinnamon and apple:

 cut the apples into slices or small pieces and then put them in water, then add back the cinnamon to give a warm and distinctive flavor.

  • Berries and mint:

Put some fresh or frozen berries in the water, then add little mint leaves to get a distinctive fruit flavor.

  • Guava and papaya:

 Try mixing guava and papaya slices in water for a rich tropical flavor

Use your imagination unleash your creativity and try various fruits and herbs to discover blends that suit your personal taste. You can also use dried fruits instead of fresh ones. Clean the Glass base and change the water regularly to keep the flavors fresh and pure.

At the conclusion of this article, we renew our invitation to you to venture into the world of hookah and the art of preparing it and equipping coal with professional methods. Enjoying hookah lies in relaxing and celebrating special moments with loved ones and friends. Precision shisha preparation and coal processing increase the magic of these sessions and raise pleasure to the highest levels. At Debaj Premium Molasses Company we offer you our distinctive range of premium molasses. The luxurious Debaj Molasses is available in many flavors and is distinctive to satisfy all tastes. One of the advantages of the luxurious Debaj Molasses is that it is available with distinctive weights and packaging of different sizes that suit your needs at every time and place, as well as its concentrated flavors that last for the longest time of pleasure and relaxation. Order the premium Debaj Molasses now and enjoy quiet and happy sessions crowned by relaxation and pleasure.

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