The most effective ways to cool the hookah and increase its duration

The most effective ways to cool the hookah and increase its duration

The topic of cooling and increasing the duration of the hookah is considered to be a topic of interest to hookah lovers. The quality and pleasure of the hookah depend heavily on its cooling and maintaining its low temperature for longer periods. When the temperature of the hookah rises, this would negatively affect the flavor of tobacco and molasses, as well as the quality of the smoke produced. A lack of interest in shisha cooling methods may lead to a reduction in the expected length of the hookah session.

This article will discuss some effective methods and guidelines for cooling and increasing the duration of the hookah so that users can enjoy a comfortable and long smoking experience. Through discussion of the following points:

  • Benefits of water in shisha
  • Top tips and effective practices for cooling and increasing the duration of the hookah
  • Some additional tools for cooling the hookah
  • Important ideas for cooling and increasing the duration of hookah
  • Ideas that help increase the duration of your hookah sessions

What is the use of water in hookah?

Some users may be wondering what are the benefits of water in the shisha. In fact, water plays an important role in the hookah, as it is an essential part of its glass base. The benefits of water in shisha is, such as:

  • Smoke cooling:

Cooling the hookah smoke is one of the most important benefits of water in shisha. When the smoke passes through the water at its glass base, it is cooled and its temperature is softened contributing to the elevation of the hookah and making it fresher and smoother.

  • Smoke purification:

 Water in the hookah has an important role to play as it purifies and filters part of the impurities and harmful substances from the smoke before reaching the user’s mouth, which makes smoking cleaner and healthier.

  • Improving taste and smell:

 Water also has an important role to play in improving the taste and smell of smoke outside of the hookah. So, smoking through the water in the hookah is better than smoking dry, because water adds softness and extra flavor to the smoke.

  • Reduce irritation and coughing:

 the temperature and extreme combustion of tobacco and molasses can be reduced by using water in the shisha, which reduces irritation and coughing caused by smoking.

  • Add an attractive aesthetic addition:

 besides the functional benefits of water, water in the glass base of the hookah is part of the aesthetic design of the hookah, adding an aesthetic and elegant touch to the shape of the hookah and its sessions.

Top tips and effective practices for cooling and increasing the duration of the hookah

Cooling the hookah and increasing its duration is an important topic for fans of hookah and enjoying shisha sessions. To achieve this, you can follow the following steps:

  • Using ice cubes:

Using ice cubes is the easiest way to cool the hookah directly. This is done by placing some ice cubes at the hookah’s base of the glass. This helps cool the coal smoke and makes smoking more refreshed.

  • Keep away from the sun and heat:

 The hookah should be placed in a cool and shaded place away from direct sunlight and excess heat. High heat can affect smoke quality and smoking becomes less fun.

  • Use of refrigerated tubes:

 It is recommended to use special tubes filled with water and cool the smoke as it passes by. The refrigerated tube is kept in the fridge before use.

  • Use a large glass base:

The large glass base absorbs the excess heat and keeps the hookah cooler for longer periods.

  • Use good quality natural coal:

 Use pure and high-quality natural coal, so that it regulates the heat and gives equal and regular heat to ensure that the combustion of tobacco and molasses is avoided quickly and maintains a pleasant and long session.

  • Avoid repeated smoking

 When smoking frequently, the hookah becomes hotter and less durable.

Some additional tools for cooling the hookah

There are many additional tools that are specially designed to cool the hookah and upgrade its sessions. Here are some of the tools that can be used to cool the hookah:

  • Refrigerated tubes:

These are tubes that are filled with water or ice and are designed to pass smoke through them before reaching the user’s mouth. Its mission is to retain the heat of smoke and cool it to make smoking the hookah cold and refreshing

  • Cold base:

The cold glass base is one of the best distinctive options for cooling the hookah. The base is filled with cold water or ice, further cooling the smoke as it passes through cold water.

  • The hookah chiller:

 It is an additional device that is placed in the freezer before it is used, where it is placed in the glass base with the aim of cooling the hookah and keeping the smoke cool.

  • Metal Cooling Tube:

 Metal cooling tubes can be more effective and successful in cooling smoke as they deliver heat better.

  • Innovative pipe design:

 This is a great idea where some manufacturers offer innovative designs for hookah pipes as these pipes have additional openings to pass cold air through to cool the smoke.

  • Special ice cubes:

Some companies offer ice cubes specially designed for use in smoking hookahs, as they are more fit for placement within the glass base and improve smoke coolness.

Important ideas for cooling and increasing the duration of hookah

There are some special and important practices used by some hookah lovers to cool it down and increase its duration for as long as possible, including:

  • Use a base full of frozen fruit:

 equip the base of the hookah by placing slices of frozen fruit, such as strawberries, berries, lemons, or oranges. These frozen fruits offer a delicious taste and exceptional flavor, as well as a fruity scent. It also improves the method of cooling the hookah.

  • Scented ice cubes:

This is done by preparing fragrant ice cubes using juices or perfumes and then placing them at the base of the glass hookah. These cubes give a refreshing smell and improve the taste of smoke.

  • Using a special coal keeper:

There are special coal containers, whose mission is to retain its heat and protect it from overcooling, thus ensuring equal and continuous heat for longer times.

  • Avoid strong drag:

 It is preferable to smoke the hookah with light and regular inhales instead of strong and fast inhales, helping to reduce the burning of tobacco and molasses quickly and increase the duration of fun hookah sessions.

  • Breaks between inhale and another:

It is preferable to take short breaks when pulling a breath in order to allow coal to cool down slightly and reduce the frequency of continuous smoking.

  • Use leakproof accessories:

Use tools that prevent smoke leakage, and pipe stabilizers to make sure that the air passes through only tobacco and molasses and does not cause heat waste.

Ideas that help increase the duration of your hookah sessions

These are some of the ideas that can help you increase the duration of your hookah sessions and make them longer and more enjoyable:

  • Using long-term charcoal:

 Choosing high-quality charcoal has many advantages, including being long-lasting and allowing you to enjoy long and continuous sessions without needing to change coal frequently.

  • Ventilation Control:

You can extend the duration of hookah sessions by controlling ventilation when using coal. As it covers part of the coal openings with aluminum foil, this reduces oxygen flow and slows combustion.

  • Use break technology:

 Follow the short break technique when pulling on the hookah to allow slightly cooling coal and generally improve the quality of the hookah smoking.

  • Use large glass bases:

 Choose a large glass base to accommodate a larger amount of water or ice, which helps to further cool the smoke and increase the duration of the smoking session.

At the end of this article, we wish we had been able to explain the importance of cooling the hookah and increasing its duration. Making the most of the hookah sessions lies in taking care of the cooling factors and enjoying the perfect experience. At Debaj Premium Molasses we recommend you buy Debaj molasses. Its various flavors are in the process of continuous renewal and updating. The packaging of the luxurious Debaj molasses is specially designed with attractive and modern designs, with different sizes and weights, to meet all the needs of hookah lovers. Order a Debaj molasses now to navigate the world of fun and relaxation. Debaj molasses is an integrated box of happiness.

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